• Thais, I believe the statement about hips and elbows hold merit. If a dog manifests problems moving and functioning it should not be bred. Brazillianbandogge is simply saying that to use hips and elbows to select dogs for working abilities is not the only measure. A dog could have perfect hips and not be able to perform its normal function.. working function that is. You see it is more than an hip and elbow score that makes a working dogs. A large part of the equation is in the dogs heart and desire for work. You could have a perfectly scored dog (e.g. a Fila Brasileiro) then runs away and pees it self it is sees a stranger. So you have a perfectly scored dog that cannot work. There must be something more to the selection process. Selecting dogs for breeding based solely on the merit of hip and elbow scores does detrimental damage to the breeds character. When form used to follow function we did not have these problems because the weaklings were - removed from the yard by attrition.