• [quote1285067707=Nebulosa] Sorry, but we all know it's a lie. Serranos were Campeiros wich didn't fit the standard, mainly because they were clear mixed with other breeds like English Bulldogs, too small, too weak, with strong problems like french hands, cow heel, problems wich would complicate the life of the dog in its work[/quote1285067707] In my concern the campeiro bulldogs were formed by English Bulldog x native dogs with some unknowing % of the blood from old bulldogs, those information was published by the onwer of the Kennel Cão dominio whom have wroten the standard of the breed and had the first bloodline of the breed. [link=hyperlink url] [/link] Hips or elbows dysplasia is a controversy methods to select dogs for working because if the dog didnt have the clinic presense of the hip problem they dont have the problem... Some Serranos breeders said that the campeiros registry , alow any dogs that looks like close to campeiro Standard to be registry .....the R.I. Inicial Registry..... In my opinion the CBKC is not the best place to registry a working dog because the CBKC is like FCI and the conformation way or a Show its the prime focus. Actually the Serranos inovate when wrote a working trial in the standard and these could be helpfull to select "Working Campeiros"=serranos... And in other hands the Owner of Caodominio Mr Ralf said in brazilian forum that have been studied some changes in Campeiros Standard to avoid to grow some specific lines that looks like the E.Bulldog. The both breeds have a long road to improved there qualities and the future of the breeds are in the hands of the responsable breeders, God bless them..