Comment to 'Central Asian Shepherd Types and Strains'
  • So the temperament is going to be a function of the breeding and the work that the dogs are engaged in doing. Regardless of type, the CAS should be protective, wary of strangers, and belicose. Breeders tend to breed for what the market demands and, as such, you will find that the temperament is being diluted and softened by breeding the weakest dogs to other weak dogs - removing the behavior that may not be welcomed in today,s litigious environment. Removing or softening the exact behavior that made the breed special in the first place.

    Breed clubs also want their "breed" to be accepted by the mainstream dog clubs and that required a softening of the dogs so they are acceptable to strangers getting in their faces.  Thus, the breed, once accepted by the major kennel clubs are changed forever.

    So, when looking for a dog it is important that you select your breed and then find a breeder that breeds dogs to do the work that you envision.  Not an easy task today.