Comment to 'why do dobermans seem weak?!?!?!'
  • Nice try, but it is opinions. Additionally I never said the first shows were created to assess the dogs working abilities. It was to evaluate the dog. It was to make sure the dog met the standard for the breed. The standard was created by the breed club. The breed clubs are the ones that determined what the standards were and the purpose which include function. The rottweiler for example needed its build to navigate the region were it was originally used. It need the type of coat the handle the conditions of the terrain and thick brush. A dog that retrieves on water had coats that repel water. The original show wasn't about winning. Many today use it for winning. But that is not the origin. I specifically mentioned Schutzhund was to test the temperament. It was combined with the conformation to determine if a dog could be part of the breeding stock. Closed registries were created for record keeping. Today they are still used to maintain records and make money. Yes every breed is made up of a number of breeds to create it. The parent organization had to determine that they have reached some form of uniformity and created the standard that identified this as a breed. It works to get it accepted as a breed. Once you add any other breed to it including one of the original breeds that was used to create it it is no longe considered a purebred. It is. Mixed breed.  The reason the Donvan Pinscer is not a Doberman  is the he out crossed dogs that were not Doberman thus changing the breed and forming his own ideology and breed. It doesn't fix the Doberman . Just like you can't fix the English Bulldog.


    No I did not mean to say there is no mathematical equation. There is a formula used to predict. But it can only give you odds. The odds are favorable to reproduce certain traits. But there is no guarantee. If breeding adogs from what is called a working line to another dog from a working line as you said in you original statement would reproduce working dogs generation after generation even if they are are only used as pets were true then no breeder from that had working dogs would have had to remove dogs from their breeding stock because they weren't good workers. It's a fact that no matter what line, breed the dog is it has the ability to produce dogs that are not ideal. They are going to produce dogs that are imperfect. It is a known fact that despite the line a dog will produce adogs that will not excel at working. Just like every champion of record offspring will not become champion. None o Michael Jordan's sons were genetically good enough to play on the level Jordan did.


    What makes a dog a show dog or working dog. It is the owner that decides if they are going to show a dog or work a dog or do both. Many dog owners today do not believe that the dog should do what they were originally bred to do. These owners never stimulate their dogs natural instinct to hunt, protect, .farm utility, etc.  


    i should have noted that even the Schutzhund tet is no longer used for its original purpose. It tested temperament. Basically a dog suitability to perform the job it was bred to do. But today it has become a sport. I know individuls that have dogs with Schutzhund Ii and or III that have had their homes burglarized and these highly trained dog did nothing to protect. I know a boerboel breeder that has it on his website that if you learns that you are going to train one of his pups for protection that he will not sell you a dog. They don't need training. They are natural guardians and protectors. I read a newspaper article telling of his home being burglarized. I'm not sure but I believe some of his dogs or pups were stolen too. A dog becomes a good working dog because it is taught to work. If it is imprinted early it tend o excell at it more than dog that are taught later. Sure there can be exceptions. Dogs raised to be pets only are often taught to ignore their natural instinct. The never learn their original function. Just like my presas, they have never had the opportunity to catch will cattle or wild boars. They chances of them being used for that is very slim. But thy still have a job. They still will get between a threat and my family. They will still take down a man. They still protect my property. They have show titles. But they didn't have show careers. If they didn't have the correct conformation nd temperament I wouldn't breed them. I don't breed often. My dogs have to have both conformation and function. I've had dogs that didn't meet my standard even though it would've been enough to meet the standard that I refused to breed. I know others that feel the way I do.