Comment to 'Best Molosser for hot weather? '
  • I’m just now seeing this. I saw that the American Bulldogs was a suggestion. Specifically the Johnson lineage. I used to breed American Bulldogs. The Johnson line was often the most popular. It was popular because it’s look and mostly because of their size. Depending on your preferences and function you desire you may want to consider a different lineage. The Texas heat was mentioned. The Johnson line has the short smashed in muzzle. Breathing or cooling off in the heat is difficult for them. I personally know a guy that had a beautiful Johnson dog. It was outside in the Midwest. It was hot. The dog died of heat exhaustion. There were some utility workers working on the electric. The dog was doing her job warning them to stay away. She over exerted herself and didn’t recover. 

    I got a Hines dog right out of Texas. I know old man Hines as passed but I hear his family is still breeding. 

    It was my preference to go with. Standard or Johnson cross. 


    I stopped breeding American Bulldogs and moved on to the Perro De Presa Canario. This is a dog that you may consider as well. Originally bred as a farm utility dog. They were bred as a companion dog whose job was to catch unruly cattle. It job was also to protect the farm from all predators on two or four legs. Today they are used mainly as family guardian. They love to stay close to the family. They are very alert. They are watchful and aloof of strangers. They won’t hesitate to protect the family if needed. There are many that hunt, boar hunt, or herd with their presa. Some can be dog aggressive. For a brief period of time the old bored farmers used the presa for entertainment by dog fighting until it became illegal. Proper socialization and you don’t have the problems with dog aggression. But they will defend the family from an aggressive dog or animal.