Comment to 'Attacks on the rise '
  • It appears to me the attacks on the rise in our breeds we love so much. Here in Dayton OH in fact not far from where we live an elderly woman was killed by her two Cane Corso's. Both dogs were starved and not well provided for. There are many Bite cases and or attacks in the media lately. This scares me. As a breeder I am beyond mad. I feel Breeders have a responsibility to the breed and as well as the buyer. We need to educate these people about the breed not sale to the first dollar sign we see. Its up to us to protect our dogs and the people that dont have enough sense to learn or take time to read about a breed and assume because they had a Rott or Pitt they can handle a Bully Kuta or Presa or Fila and so on. I call our breed a "hot dog" we have breeds that typically will not turn off at the switch.Not a lab or a retriever.

    I try to educate and I rarely sell a neo to a first time owner I would like to hear other thoughts on this topic

    We need to protect our dogs before they end up on LIST.