Comment to 'The Campeiro Bulldog'
  • Thanks Gsicard I Try to increase the profile, Standard and the best info about Bulldog Campeiro (C.B.) Pure Breed. The CB are a Working Dog made by natural-selecting since 1800`s by immigrants from Europe in South of Brazil. The Dog were breeding by farmers to managed livestock~"Cattle Drive". This is the web site from a Working Dog Breeder that I recommend. His name is Andre Kochhann and his not speak very well English so i help him on this board. I try to developed a conversation focus in Traditional CB , because the breed just got in FCI-CBKC Standard Program and i can imagine in the short future the degradation the Working Ability of these breed by new owners focus in Show (market)! The CB is a very close Conformation of the Leavitt bulldog. The breeding Program are quit different but the both seams to have a rustic load in the foundation. The Ox farmers have been breeding the CB for they needed. The Guardian Ability is present too.The behavior is very close to the Old English Bulldog with a strong personality. The standard of CB was defined to fit in FCI-CBKC program,so i fell that not fit in a Working Dog best knowledge and i will try do not talk too much about the FCI Standard. The goal of this board will be in the CB working abilities... Thanks Marcos.