Comment to ' hunting fishing duck hunting boat'
  • Hi I remember in one of your posts you were transporting your hunting dogs in a small freshwater boat. You had quite a few dogs with you. Your canals are similar to the ones we have here in florida I believe. I am in the market for a new freshwater boat. Let me break this down for you because I'd like a multi-purpose boat. I bass fish in the nearby river so I would like something I could use in the river that's why I like the tracker 170tx it costs approx. only 12K with 50 hp engine, trailer etc. I also really like the back woods canals these canals sometimes are shallow. I'm thinking that's why the duck boat (sea ark) would come in handy. I don't know if algae and weeds would destroy the motor however. The sea ark costs only approx. about 9 or 10 with 15hp motor trailer etc. I also want a dog transportation boat because I will be transporting at least 2 or 3 people and two or more dogs for hog hunting through the same small sometimes shallow canals mentioned above. I want the boat to be high enough because of alligators. Meaning a kayak would not be conducive to this environment because the human body is too close to the water. I may also be doing some duck hunting. So I want an all encompasing new boat that has enough horsepower for 2 or 3 grown people and 2 or more dogs. A freshwater boat able to use for transporting my dogs for hog hunting in shallow water canals and an all around bass boat for the river. I may be adding this dog to my pack. She is a female pit at a little over 5 months old. I will bond with her first few months, see how she matures and if ready take her out for her first hunt with my other pit. Hopefully she is still available the pound doesn't have her pic any longer on their site last time I looked so I may be out of luck. But who knows she maybe still up for adoption. If anyone else has experience with a good boat for my purposes let me know. It doesn't have to be the above two those are two that I have to do some further research on. I do want the boat to cost under 13K also low maintenance with a good reputation for being a reliable boat. Thank you.