Comment to 'Boz shepherd dog, Malaki '
  • Hello Mark,

    Thanks for your post on this topic.  There is something that many of us usually forget as we get more involved in any breed.  We forget that though dogs are representative of their breed - the individual dog does not make the breed.  In the case of Boz Shepherd Dog - the developer had a goal in mind when they created the cocktail of breeds to achieve their vision of what the "breed" should be and should do.  I understand that these undertakings are sometime replete with failures and successes and the breed purists will furiously attack such efforts. 

    I think if you took any established breed (Neapolitan Mastiff, Caucasian Ovcharka) and attempt to normalize it in any way you will run afoul of the breed clubs and supporters. Take the Neo for instance - If a breeder tries to breed fully functional dogs that can run for more than 5 seconds, jump, guard with actions (not looks), and breed naturally - they will probably meet with all kinds of resistance.

    So, the Boz dogs are not to be expected to more than they were bred for and should not be discounted just because of their humble beginnings. I know many members and others do not like them because they have issues with Akin.  Anyway, Mark, I am glad you have found your Boz Shepherds to meet your expectations and are happy with them.  I would love to see videos and photos and any other info you would like to share. On we give the opportunity to learn about the breeds an the Boz need more coverage.

    Thanks for posting.  Welcome to the site.