Comment to 'Boz shepherd dog, Malaki '

    This site is a bit tricky and not very intuitive

    I understand why you think this way about the site. The format though not new anymore is new to recent members and to those who are very familiar with FB.  Though the functionality is similar to FB the method of getting things done is a bit different.  All modules work the same way from people, photos, articles, blogs, groups, pets, sites, events.. etc.. there is always the big button to Add or Create new items on the right side and your Action Menu also on the right has all you need.  Please give it a good look next time you are on. 

    I am not very happy with the forum Layout - but I understand from the creators of the system that there is a new version in the works.

    Hint - the member menu at the bottom of the page has a quick way to get to your messages, settings, etc on the right.. and the green " + " on the bottom left is a quick way to Add something.  When I made the switch from the previous platform this was the best social system on the market at that time - and it is still very good though not as "easy" to use for those who are not familiar with it.

    To help - I have created a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which can be accesses from the menu or the footer menu area.