Comment to 'Boz shepherd dog, Malaki '
  • You know years ago i bought a gsd on a farm,a great dog, became 15 years old and died because his body was up.

    After a few years i red in the paper that that man was arrested because he was a puppiemill and a lot of people complained about him. My GDS was a great dog, good temperament and a good body.


    Than i bought a co, my first, top breeder, i had to put him down at the age of a year, perfecthips but all other jointa were a real mess.

    Bought my secnd co, also from a top breeder, i gave it back at the age of a year because the hips were realy bad.

    So what i am trieing to say that i realy dont think you know what you are buying, you get fooled everywhere sometimes not even on surpose.

    You just need to have some good luck! And you know next time its possible tha ti buy my next dog somewhere on the market in Hungarian.