Comment to 'Boz shepherd dog, Malaki '
  • So whether Boz is an accepted 'breed' name is debatable. Lots of misrepresentation above and some pretty accurate stuff. Importing dogs out of turkey is risky buisness and buyer beware. Its important though not to place blame on the dog if you get a a sour deal as its not the dogs fault. Boz specific dogs are terrific at two things. Guarding and fighting. I've got two Boz specific dogs and can honestly say they are exceptional animals. They stay with our LS 24/7 and do really well. Well mannered large and formidable. Just wanted to put in a plug for these ultra cool dogs. They are spendy though and its difficult to export them out of Turkey. But the dogs are tremendous. I've got plenty of vids to show anyone that is interested. Cheers