Comment to 'Boz shepherd dog, Malaki '
  • yeah defineatly not BK involved with the boz type dog.  I agree with Alaunt, Kangal X Malakli = boz type.  Not panter style kangal though.  My buddy has boz/kangal dogs, one of which is my bitches have sister (same father) and there are more differences in our dogs when compared side by side.  vast differences.  his dogs are more true panter style kangals in size, ability and ferocity.  very effective lgd's are his x's, and not real big.  land race variant, until someone produces docs of blood lines.  but as far as the actual animals are concerned, we love ours. smart, durable, tough, loving, loyal and good workers.  excellent at keeping predators away.  proactive vs. reactive.  and solid at it.  I could see how one could have heard of a dog like these that was not right, as those stories are out there. but there are a load of success stories with these dogs as well.  just depends on who you talk to.