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      My name is Brian Peckinpaugh and live in East Texas.  About 3.5 years ago I imported my first Boz Shepherd, and have imported 10 more over since.  I raised Kangals for the 10 years prior and other LGD Breeds prior for a total of some 24 years with LGDs.  I work as a RN and have a small farm of sheep and free range hogs.

    Although I understand that there is always going to be controversy and argument with any breed, it disappoints me that so much completely unfounded information is being spread around about the Boz.  90% of the misinformation has been started and perpetuated by a couple of completely crazy women, as if that has never been seen in the dog

    I am the Texas breeder referred to above as "being sued".  I would like to clarify that I am suing that persons friend at,   and she counter sued me.  But if you notice, her website has been removed if that gives you an indication as to how that is going.

    I have 3 grown males ranging from 32.5", 140# to 34", 185# and 35", 175#.   I have produced 2 pups at 37".  Not that size is as important as function,  but I saw where many doubt or disagree about their size.

    The Boz have a great temperament and even fight less than the Kangals.  They are a more natural Livestock Guardian Dog than any breed I have tried before.  Way less play chase drive.

    They are very intelligent and easily socialized.   They can be as hard of a guardian as you need depending on how you raise the.  Or you can have a dog that can be taken into any public setting easily.  Many are dog aggressive to strange dogs as you would expect with a LGD.  Some are easily socialized to accept dogs that are not threatening.

    As far as the fighting history, that can not be denied.  As with most any turkish dog or from central asia.  But they are not a fighting dog.  They are the dogs used by the shepherds in Urfa Tuzkoy Konya areas of Turkey that are also being fought.  Sadly with modernization, there are more dogs being exploited in this manner.  But there are male Boz's that work together as well as females.  My son's pug also goes into our pastures and the KS he is boss.

    I ask anyone that has any questions about the breed to explore the truth.  Visit the Facebook group Turkish Boz Shepherds to meet with actual owners outside of Turkey and see their dogs.

    Come visit my dogs or someone elses.  Call me and talk.

    But don't let some haters and crazy women feed your mind.

    Brian Peckinpaugh (NaturalBorn Guardians on Facebook)

    903 373 1289