Comment to 'Medicating your dog for air transport'
  • I’ve had dogs on a flight to the US on two occasions. One was an adult German Shepherd coming from Germany. The vet actually recommended not to medicate at all, as dogs might throw up and suffocate. Anyway, the dog was fine when he arrived in Chicago, but very dehydrated despite some water in the cage (so maybe be prepared to provide water immediately when you get the dog out of the cage). The dog was on the same plane as I was and the captain even informed me that my dog made it on the plane and was ok. The second transport was a recent import of a Sarplaninac puppy from Macedonia via Cargo. As far as I know she didn’t get any medication either. The unpleasant experience was when she had already arrived in Miami. I was able to walk into the cargo hall and saw how some workers provoked her and tried to scare her. They made loud aggressive noises and rattled and hit the cage (yeah, don’t ask :roll: ). I was upset and thought she’d be frightened and traumatized, but when I got her a few minutes later, she was the happiest little puppy :D . She probably couldn’t care less about those idiotic strangers. My experience is that dogs do better on flights than expected.