• Hello, everybody!!

    I have updates to write about but I'm actually here because of collars. All of us have dogs with big necks and Alphonse's is about 24" right now and still growing! I found a woman who travels around Turkey and brings collars back to the US. She has traditional wolf collars (very cool) and other handmade collars made for LGDs and any other dog with a thick neck. I got three for $60 and they are very thick and durable and I love them. All three of mine have evil eye beads on them--I love it. He wears the collar with the bells on it whIle we hike and the regular ones in our regular life. She only has a few left and I may even buy more because where else could I get handmade leather collars of that size for so cheap??



    Look at how big he's getting :')

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