Comment to RAW for cheap
  • just a few days off the dog food and hes doing much better. like I said before I have a hard time believing a dog is allergic to meat. More like he is allergic to whatever nonsense the dog food is made with, additionally, the protein sources in some of the dog food is some kind of alternate protein source. I used to work for science diet dog food back in around 05 I believe it was, right at the height of the dog food recall. The dog food being manufactured in china, which most brands are, were being spiked with melamine to artificially boost the protein levels. Feeding raw is going to be cheaper than the "special dog food" that has no meat in it, and all protein from soy. Its also going to be cheaper than the vet bills and medication. I already purchased about a months worth of food for him what would be the equivalent of 2 weeks worth of dog food.


    Its absolutely mind boggling to hear that a dog cant eat meat! lol cmon now.

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