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German Boar HoundJOHANN HEINRICH WILHELM TISCHBEIN VIER HUNDE 1806 1807"  by Johan Heinrich Wilhelm  1807

    • Fantastic painting. I wonder what breed is closest to this Boar Hound today.

      • Without questions, the Great Dane, before the arrival of great danes to Germany from Danemak, the Englische Docken was used for big game hunting, then, the Great ´s Dane arrives in 1700´s to Germany, and they increase the size of the Great Dane with Suliot Dogs from Albania. In the book History of the Mastiff you can track the origins of the Boar Hound. In France was very Popular, the Italians call him Alano, which is not far from reality, since the Danemark people is close related to sarmatian and Osetian people of the Caucasus, the former Alanos of antiquity. Genetic studies declare this, the people of Danemark are not of Germanic Origin.

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