EGP Leela and AKCM Damascus are expecting puppies Mid-November. We are expecting pups with correct conformation and temperament. The sire and dam both have excellent guardian instincts.  They are confident and loyal companions. Damascus spend most of his days protecting the livestock (Longhorn Cattle) on the 100 acres farm. EGP Leela spend her days in the suburbs protecting her human and property.


Leela Grandmother IntCH. NatCH. CH. URO1 AKCM Grace, CGC we got her from the same farm the AKCM Damascus protects. We had to have her even though she wasn't for sale. She was 9 months. A huge steer began charging the fence. It was coming straight for me or so I thought. She saw it charging and her instincts were on full display. She got between me and the Bull. She ran towards him bark and made him stop. The she continued go at him and forced him to back up. He snorted a few more times as she continued to put him in his place. I was impressed with he fearless character. She became our loyal companion and fearless protector. Those traits were passed along to her pups. 

  • That is awesome Jamal.  Best of luck with the breeding.  It is always great to see a real dogman producing excellent representatives of the breed.  Please let us know how it goes.

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    • I will post something later.  I’m on my way back home. Picking up Ch Grandeza. She was bred to AKCM Trajan.

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