Some old drawings of Alanos from Portugal, predecesors of the Caes de Fila from the Azores Islands, and Caos Canganceiros from Brazil:

Alao in a Portuguese Tomb

Spanish Alano circa 1950, a type that is not seen anumore with loose skin

4 Portuguese mosaics of a hunt

Detail of a tomb in Portugal

Old Indo Iranian Alans tribes, living originally in the caucasian stepes, lived mainly in Extremadora Spain, and Portugal, some in central and northern Spain, up to the Goths invasion to Spain, then were pushed to North Africa and end his days in Sardinia, Corcega and balearic islands, where you can find interesting dog breeds.

Currently in this days, the Old Alans that remains in the Caucasus live in Alania, North Oscetia. I don´t know if they keep hounds like the alanos, but for shure they have Shepherd Dogs, as flocks guardians.

Oscetian Girls, descenant of the old Alanos.