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This is a wake-up call about the dangers of importing foreign dogs from certain regions, the U.S. has began banning the importation of dogs from more than 100 nations that are at high risk for rabies and other highly contagious diseases, many of which can jump species and infect humans.


    • Interesting.  I hadn't heard about this. That's horrible that they are sending sick dogs to the US. That has to be stopped.  I know of kennels that never send the pup.  It's always a risk. I had an incident one but it was eventually resolved. It took a long time to get papers. It turned out that the stud wasn't in the stud book. That held up me getting papers. But I did get them. 

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      • I agree there are always risks. If I had known that the guy I purchased the dog from didn't have papers in hand I probably would have chosen a different dog.  I'm glad I got him. He is a great dig. He's old now.  I narrowed my search down to 2 breeders. I chose him over the other breeder because I liked that there weren't going to be many in the USA with that bloodline. The make and female were Serbisn Champions with many working and and Conformation Champions in the recent pedigree. There were some famous Workd Champions in the line. The breeder of record purchase the female and chose the sire. After she was bred she was shipped to the USA. The hold up was in Setvia. I reached out to the guy in Setbia. He didn't own the sire.  But he did follow up and the owner of the sire to get the dog in the stud book.

        The other breeder that I was close to getting a dog from is probably the most well known and respected breeder in the USA. She believes in working her dogs like me. She also shows them. They are titled in Conformation and a variety of working titles like obedience, rally, agility, schutzhung or IPO. They are temperament and health tested. She extremely selective in to whom she will place her dogs. She also offers money back for every title that you put on your dog. I was leaning towards her and was going to pay more for a pup but because that breeding would never take place again and no one would have that Sire in their pedigree in the USA I chose my breeder. The guy even dropped his price after I agreed to purchase from him. He did it because he knew I was going the Show and compete in Wirking Traials. He understood that that also makes his kennel look good. When researching him I believed he has a good kennel. The only drawback was he doesn't do genetic health testing. But the sire and dsm had been tested in Setbia. He actively hunts wild game like moose and others with his press. 

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        • even in import delivery of puppies, the puppies can be in good health before arriving at the vehicle but once in the vehicle the situation changes if no one takes care of them as they deserve, basically it is not in cut of delivery that their situation changes it is especially the person taking care of it that must be sorted out if he considers it like something like old socks good for throws and other badness on his part, so either the office is aware of what has or he is not downright non-sentimental like some individuals, and this has lasted for years and paper or not proffessional or amateur, so in all areas and social classes, only the condition makes it, nothing else, cordially

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          • alano thank you for that.  So right about the transporter

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