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Removing Facebook and Google Login function.

Hello Molosser Fans, I will remove Login and Login from the website. I am taking a stand against Facebook's censorship of patriotic speech and promoting false and misleading liberal talking points.

Google is suppressing results in their searches to shape opinions and drive a certain narrative. I recently for information about a gun and could not find it on google but it was number 1 result using duckduckgo.com.  That was strange for me and showed how diabolic these large tech companies are.

So, we no longer have the Facebook and Google login options on the site.  You can still login with your email address and password.


    • So proud of you for standing up to them!  Bastards.

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      • Thank you.

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      • Amen.  God Save the USA.  Exercise our God given rights daily.

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        • Thank you

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