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MQH Paul had a great day in Trials. It was Barn Hunt. He entered Senior's Class. They say this is the hardest class. Dogs get stuck in this class for a while. He earned 2 legs towards his Senior's Title. He had 2 high in trials. He found all the rats in the 3rd trial, climb and tunnel. Thus completing everything. But they disqualified me for Paul being too hard on the rat. The rat was high on bale of hay. He found it. He knocked the rat off of the bale. I didn't catch the rat. I caught Paul. You must protect the rat.....smh


He earned points toward his Crazy 8's Title. Sasha Earned point towards her Crazy 6 title. It was her fist time doing Crazy 8.


    • That is an awesome showing in the Barn Hunt - do they allow the taking of photos or videos at those events? I have never been to a barn hunt so not I must learn more about it as it sounds awesome.... and I have a barn. :)

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      • They normally do allow pictures or videos.  But nee Covid rules don't all spectators. There was someone taking pictures but I don't no who. It was someone from the event. I will see if they posted it on their site.

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        • I couldn't find pictures from the trial. Buy this is an example of video.



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