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Sometimes I get asked about the color of a Caucasian puppy and what they may look like when they grow up. Generally speaking, the color does change some and here is an example with Nayan.


    • Hallo

      Fell Farben nach meiner Erfahrungen

      verändern sich bei Rüden bis 4Jahren Hündin etwa 2-3Jahren

      aber oft zu der Farbe  die sie zur Geburt hatten Fell Farben!!!!!!!!

      FCI Standard


      Colour: Any solid colour, piebald or spotted colour.


      Except for solid black; diluted black or black in any combination or genetic blue or liver brown colour.


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      • @Horst thank you for that. My intent was to show how the difference appears between puppy coat and adult coat.

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        • That's interesting.  I know you don't suppose to pick a pup based upon color.  But often we do. This is a nice dog. I'm loving the breed more and more.

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          • Yes sir. As a dogman you do appreciate a good dog/breed. 👍

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          • Great post! My puppy's coat color looks similar to your CO, you know grey is my favorite color in CO but my second favorite color is Nayan's colors. So I hope my puppy's coat will look like his coat when he grows up. 

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            • Knight99 Thank you for your comment. can you share some puppy pics?

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