Comment to 'Do female dogs have a different style of guarding '
  • Polishtatra, no I don't mind at all.

    We were gifted the dogs from our neighbour who ownes a shipping company. He got them from the border with Russia somewhere from a happy Russian customer he was doing biusness with, also a gift. They came over on one of his ships. He was as surprised as anyone. They sent a Russian guy with them to look after them during the trip, beutifully cared for, brushed and fed.  Big balls of happy fluff. I've never seen such gorgeous puppies. Three came over initialy, from these we got the male, he kept a male and a female. Another shipment had four females from various litters and were given the option on the three we took. That was the last luckily. Our neighbour who is Chinese breeds Chinese Tibetan mastiffs, something of a Chinese invention and not my cup of tea, but fine so he didn't want to keep all the dogs.

    We had no idea what breed they were even and initialy refused his kind offer of any of the dogs. We watched them grow and became attached to them and they to us. We discovered what they were and their use and history. Three months later when we were in a position, due to the sad loss of our male we accepted the male and then not much later the females. They don't have any papers and it hasn't been possible to trace who bred them or where they exactly came from.

    They are all huge quite solid dogs but extremely athletic, can run like the wind. It's been a learning curve and quite a facinating one. 


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