Comment to 'Do female dogs have a different style of guarding '
  • I generally have several females. The only time I have a male is if I intend to do breeding or someone has turned over a dog that's too much for them. Males can be good dogs but I'll always prefer females. Back in the day I always kept a couple of big imposing males for their size & the display they'd put on when it was time to impress upon someone to back off. They tend to be more territorial & pretty hot over it but the ladies are always on duty. I don't find them to get distracted as easily as the boys. I have tiny Chihuahuas. My dogs must be gentle & capable of working around those little dogs all the while being mindful of where they are. A 3 pounds chi is dead if stepped on by one of these big dogs. There are exceptions to any rule & I've had a couple of those but the females are who I entrust our security & homestead guarding to. 

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