Comment to 'AB Fear Stage'
Comment to AB Fear Stage
  • Hello all I don't know if this has been discussed I haven't been able to find it so bare with me please. I have a, soon to be 10 month old American Bulldog and I was wondering, approximately when do they get out of the fear stage? He'll be 10 months on March 11th and when we go on walks the head is CONSTANTLY moving. If he sees something in front the ears will go up as if interested but ANY sound from behind freaks him out. Finally, today while walking he noticed a big rock behind a gate and he jumped back then a car drove down the street kinda loudly and REALLY shocked him, he jumped and his tail went between his legs. The rock was in someone's yard but the gate was open so I touched the rock and said it's okay and he was fine then he tried to go towards their tree and I took him and we continued the walk. Hope this explains enough and not TOO long-winded LOL. Thanks
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