Comment to 'Paw licking?'
Comment to Paw licking?
  • when we got the allergie diagnosed and could start to treat it (changing food) we found that our male got calmer. before he would bark and whine alot without obvious reason - he could drive us crazy with his whining on occasions. but other behaviour changes didn't occur in our case - ok well, he got lazier and wasn't as grumpy against other dogs as before. before changing food, we tried all kinds of differend treatments both directly on the skin and pills without success. the only result from all those treatments is that our male now flees the room in panic if one holds/takes/brings a small bottle. the only thing i can recommend a little is a 10 minute (foot)bath in warm water with soap made of liquid palm rosin in it (not more often than once a week). that helps against small skin issues and the itching in the paws, but only if you are treating the allergie.
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