Comment to 'Leash Corrections?'
  • Okay, I think it's NOTHING but here's an explanation. I get NO reaction but he turns his nose towards the leash when I snap, say announcing heel, also if he doesn't do something he KNOWS such as not sitting or backing away when I'm eating I'll snap the leash and he'll turn his nose towards it. Let me explain, Butch has this thing where he'll nose you as if actually pushing you he's been doing it since he was at least 4 months and I noticed he did it to other dogs constantly not biting but nosing and he does at times to me being defiant or even challenging and I QUICKLY back him up tell him don't nose me then make him sit and if necessary down and he's even getting difficult with THAT where I have to stand over him and show MORE authority, (BULLDOG through and through but I'm tougher, LOL). Sorry for the long post but I DID say I would give more details, Thanks. So, I don't think there's a reaction just wondering if there MAY be one coming, the heeling is also getting better with the leash snaps. LMAO, he's watching Dog Whisperer with a VERY whiny Australian Shepherd right now, as a matter of fact he was sleep, heard ALL that noise and lifted his head, got up, tilted his head, whined a little and has been staring at it for 5 minutes or so. I just HAD to share THAT, VERY FUNNY.
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