Comment to 'American Bulldog - Johnson vs. Scott'
  • [quote1322427113=Pauly As for the op's reply to me, that he's already got a bulldog and doesn't need to see any more. I think you're wrong there fella. If you got out some more and saw some more dogs, you'd have already known that neither a "johnson" or a "scott" dog is inherently better at being a pp dog. What you're asking is a loaded you mean actual pp work, as in a fully proofed dog that walks around with you everywhere under real threat, or do you mean a dog to walk your property's fence at night, or a dog to take out to the training field? "Protection work" is a broad term, and the american bulldog is a broad breed. I stick by what I said originally...get out and see some dogs if you want an answer to your question that you can see with your own two eyes. The best potential protection dog is not one type or another, its an individual dog with the traits your looking for. [/quote1322427113] Okay, I AM the OP, once again and as you can see IF you don't choose to look, that my name is acamper, the A stands for ALAN so don't refer to me as fella that sounds condescending. I started the thread as a HYPOTHETICAL AND to get a discussion going, if I recall it was slow at the time. As far as me OWNING an AB, yes I DO and he's ONLY 18 months and I'm VERY satisfied with him so WHY would I NEED to go see other dogs when I'm not in need of one NOW. To clarify I asked in regard to the better NATURAL protector and being a teacher doesn't ALLOW me to GET OUT and see dogs that takes travel AND money but thanks for the suggestion. I guess I also agree with not breed SPECIFICALLY but since I own an American Bulldog I was only concerned with what others thought of MY chosen breed and I'm satisfied no VERY satisfied with MY boy.
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