Comment to 'LGD's and obedience'
  • Grin such a compliment thank you.... I honestly think for what you want, it is possible. And without costing you an arm and a leg.....and getting a healthy pup with a good start. I'm not the only breeder who is thumbing their nose at the parent club and trying to get these dogs into the hands of the "Average Joe" who was previously shut out and priced out by a few elite breeders, so the floodgates are opening so to speak...finally. When you decide let me know. I know of pups ready to go in the middle of August, in MT. Also some are up in WA right now. Both breeders experienced with Kangals. Also, here is another link on Turkish Breeds and heavily talks about the Kangal. The book mentioned on the webpage, I own, and its a good book, covers all kinds of stuff. Lots of info on the site. So here you go, into info overload!!!! ;~)
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