Comment to 'seeking breed info'
  • First of all i had gsd for 20 years, did police training and i like them very much. Now i own a co because i want protection but dont have the time to train the dog for protection.

    Inar is great, doesnt drool, doesnt need training, doesnt bark a lot and is a doormat in the house. When needed , the switch turns and he is ready to kill. He is was okay with my old gsd, is okay with the  cat and chickens. He allows friends of my sonns in the house but they cant fight or raise their voice because Inar will pinn the one to the table to show he doesnt allow that kind of stuff. Great dog.

    CAO is more dogagressive.

    Kangal is for me too kind against strangers.

    the only thing with the co is , they are very diffrent and can be irritating when you are used to the obedience/training of a gsd. Take the time count to 10 and he  will do great.

    And he doesnt use you as owner to do his job, very independent and so very diffrent of a gsd. 

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