Comment to 'An EM with some Temp'
  • Yesterday we were walking at Niagara Falls and we saw a couple with an English Mastiff taking refuge from the heat under a large tree right at the side of the road. Of course we went over to say hi and ask about the dog. As soon as I approached and startede speaking the EM was up from his prostate position and on all fours. He postured and let out a menacing bark letting us know that we were close enough. What a wonderful thing to see an English Mastiff out and aboiut in the 90 degree weather and still having the attitude to protect its owners. The dog was NOT fat or over gross as most EMs tend to be and in my opinion it has the right temperament for the EM. Most of them appear to be lethargic and soft. This dog was a fantastic representative of the image I have of a true EM. We did not get the owners name or take a photo but they have a very good English Mastiff. It is also cool that the Park allows visitors to take their dogs. There were many dogs there. Niagara Falls is very impressive. A must see if you get in the area.
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