Comment to 'Serbian defense dog'
  • Serbian defense dog is very brave dog who could not be intimidated by man or any animals. SDD does not react to the gunshot, on the contrary it only increases their attention. SDD is unsurpassed guardian of person and property, ready to sacrifice his life for his master. In normal situations these dogs are very calm and stable. SDD always make right decisions and they assess the situation very well. SDD is very distrustful dog towards strangers and doesn’t like making new relationships. These are dogs who evoke veneration with their appearance and will deter anyone from any bad intentions towards the homeowner or his territory. SDD is a dog who cannot be bribed and no one will be able to enter his territory until permission of the owner. SDD has proven to be an ideal family dog, with no problem with behaving in walks (on the street, in parks …), he is not a dog that causes trouble. It is very tolerant for the children in the owner’s family, treats them protectively and will not allow any hostility towards them by strangers. In the case of provocation SDD will first react with a muffled growl that increases stronger and stronger, making blood in your veins to freeze, followed by powerful bark. If a stranger wouldn’t pay attention to the warning signs, he would be attacked with strong force and power. The reaction of these dogs on a negative irritation is sharp and strong, and when a situation occurs that SDD has to act, he is never the first to withdraw from the conflict, regardless of whether it is a man or an animal. It should be noted that the SDD enter into a conflict not to kill but to win and protect the owner and his family, the territory entrusted to the care, and also themselves.

    SDD is a very obedient dog, which executes all the commands being asked by the owner (the person who feeds him, take for a walk …), but also other family members (all of which are located in the same territory where the dog is). SDD is characterized by great flexibility in all weather conditions. They are very healthy, resilient and resistant to many diseases. They get sick very rarely and are not frequent guests at vet. It has not been registered that they have heart, kidney or bone problems, which are getting common characteristic of some other breeds. Females give birth to offspring without veterinary assistance, are very fertile, and have many puppies. The females are good mothers, very dedicated and protective, so the puppies cannot be seen without the presence of the owner and the female should be removed to another box.


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