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  • [quote1320791806=Tonedog] If any mastiff "breed" from today has anything to do with that statue, then they all do. They all share a common ancestor from after that (or around that time, but yeah probably later). ESPECIALLY if they're in the same area, are you really saying some obscure cane de presa meridionale descends from that statue's "muse", but cane corsos and neos don't? Obviously that dog is very very very closely related to neos and ccs, I'd be inclined to say it's a neo or cc cross personally. [/quote1320791806] Yup. The "meridionale" stuff is the 3rd option, leftover stock from the CDP which birthed Corsi and Mastini, as well as the majority of the "breed" being rooted in '90s bandogs from the original Molosso Mediteraneo effort. Not that it matters one way or the other, they're no closer to the statue than the CC or the NM. Or Boxer and the DDB. It's all wishful squinting.
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