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  • [quote] That egghead cross is badass.[/QUOTE] Agreed. [QUOTE] Aussie pig dogs deserve a much higher reputation than they get, atleast over here .... I love that you're not trying to make up bs histories and breeds of it.[/QUOTE] You just explained why they don't have a higher reputation. Bs histories and breed names is how dogs get a reputation. That's what all that is for, whipping up hype, "selling" dogs to the public. No one much is marketting these aussie pig dog mutts, they're just working them and selling them amongst themselves for 50 bucks or so, and so no one has built up a reputation for them, no one much is trying to sell them to the public, so they haven't been "bought" by the public. Unlike say, dogo argentinos for example- well marketted and hyped- there's been a campaign to convince people they're the bees knees, and it worked. So now according to the public they're THE boardogs, and no way some scatterbred mutt would be comparable at all. Did you not hear the spiel? It was so convincing and epic. Funny thing is without a doubt there is more evidence on the net of aussie mutts actually working than every hyped up exotic breed in every field of work combined. But for some reason this doesn't get the reputation, you need some salesmen spinning BS on your behalf to get a reputation, and a clear identifiable breed name people can cling onto. The irony there being that real dog-workers don't do this crap, they don't care about dogs they care about catching pigs, or protecting livestock or whatever. The people who spin BS and establish reputations for breeds, usually by definition aren't so interested in the work (if at all), but rather in hyping and selling their dogs, and so their dogs actually aren't working dogs at all, but dogs produced for the purpose of being sold. The dogs destined to get the biggest bestest reputations are actually the least likely to be genuine working dogs, and real working dogs are the least likely to have someone spinning BS and developing an impressive reputation for them. [QUOTE] I love the mad scientisting you guys do down there... Its how the AB came to be. [/quote] It's how everything came to be. It's actually the traditional way working dogs are bred. Aussie boar hunters are just old-fashioned, not visionairies trying out some new weird experiment. They're just behind the times and missed the memo on the importance of fabricating "breeds". All it is, is they have dogs kicking around, and they allow them to either prove themselves to be useful, or not. And they breed the useful ones together, and their dogs are just the natural result of that. When asked what they are they simply do their best to recollect what breeds some of the original dogs that proved themselves useful looked like, and call their dogs a cross between those. Letting the dogs available to you have a crack at what you wanted them to do, and breeding best to best, is the way working dogs were bred for thousands of years. The way they've always been bred. The mad scientists I think are everyone else, trying to create breeds like frankenstein, I just don't think that's how it works and I sense these people often struggle to achieve the results they want. While quite honestly some of the dumbest human beings on the planet just accidentally produce outstanding boardogs by following the traditional methodology. wolf [QUOTE]I don't know... I mean, the angulation on some of those... LOL Couldn't help myself.[/QUOTE] Oh god, don't get me started, lol. Am surprised I've not gotten a more violent reaction to what I propose in the OP from people here? Not that I said it to be annoying, I really think it might be true. Basically saying this is what LGDs are like- Dogs like ovcharkas, kangals and etc etc etc, all the cool LGDs basically, are simply dogs like the above, crossed with mastiffs and bullbreeds, and to the detriment of their performance in LGD work, but maybe to the benefit of their aptitude in dodgey backyard fights and their suitability as pets/personal guardians. I think this is why LGds are like mastiffs, not because they're really related at the core but because, most of the cool hyped up ones are LGD/mastiff hybrids. The ones that just guard sheep and don't get sh!t spun about them, just are built for their role, are not mastiff like at all. This is surely not a popular opinion, but would love to hear from people why they think I'm wrong.
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