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  • [quote1320545628=Wolf] I always love seeing that Neo statue. [/quote1320545628] Just to clarify (for others), I am not implying that this dog is synonymous with a Shar, but whatever type of actual molosser it was, it was obviously there for a long time. And it must have come from somewhere, right? "Mountain mastiff"? Likely. "Modern (British) mastiff"? Not so much. BTW, it does have a mane, so it's likely been sheared. [quote1320545628=Wolf] [quote1320542476=Astibus] In Shars, mastiff blood does not have a positive result. It changes the dog to its core. In recent years, people presumably do it anyway for fighting purposes [/quote1320542476] Also, if "recent years" in your sentence above stand for "from late 1980's onward", we're on the same page. [/quote1320545628] Wow, time sure flies. So yeah, I would have guessed somewhere around 1991 or soon after, but late 1980s will certainly work.
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