Comment to 'chi try s to kill my bb'

  • [quote1280624061=tosamama] One of the reasons I love big dogs :) They're capable of such gentleness, it's heartwarming. [/quote1280624061] Agreed. My neighbors Rott. Whos from working lines, were walking by a local resterant. When a toddler came out crying. With his parents. Probably ready for his bedtime. The dog walked over which happens to love kids. And started licking the child face who then calmed down. Then started laughing. Everyone whos was watching could not believe it. Some had been taking pictures and everyone commented what graet dog she was. Just remember this is a breed thats on top of all the Banned Breed lists. Including the ones in my area. Its not the BREED. Its how you train and raise your dog. Richard