Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • Ditto, Aleksa. I couldn't have said it better myself. :) [quote=Aud_Stokman]I don't seee the problem with your hot temperature, because a C.O. accept both warm and cold weather. My dogs that I use for breeding are of course healthy. I wouldn't take away the coat, because the coat will protect the dog against the hot weather. Please remember that the dog sweats trough their tongue and their feet, not trough the coat. I live in Norway, so it will cost you some money to get one or two of my very promising puppies. [/quote] In the wild, larger animals with thicker coats are typically found in colder regions whereas smaller animals with thinner coats (sometimes none at all) are found in warmer areas. Larger animals retain more body heat if for no other reason than their sheer mass. This in mind, having a smaller, thin coated dog would be the best option. However that's not what this person wants. So, for that, a large, short coated dog would be able to tolerate the climate fairly well. Either one of these would do MUCH better than a large dog with a thick coat. I'm curious about your opinion of "warm weather" as you're in Norway. My CO is usually inactive in the summer during the day as she's too hot. By the way, the Latitudes for Norway and Michigan (where I'm at) are: Michigan: 41º 41' N to 48º 15' N Norway: 62º 00´ N ...and the Lat. for the Bahamas ranges from around 21º N - 26º N.
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