Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • OK, at first I was reading the posts here but now I think I have to add something. Estonia where I live and Norway are part of Northen Europe, that means we get very cold winters (excellent for big coated dogs) and warm summers. Since I have no clue about F I will discribe the waether condition like this: summer 25-35 C and remember that summer last in these countrys only 3 months!!!! In this period the dogs don't move at all, only searchiing for place to hide the heat. My dogs go under the bushes or they are in the carage (it is nice and cool in there). Remmeber that this weather lasts here only for 3 months ands afther that is rain, wind, snow.... for 9 months. So keeping a CO in Estonia, Norway, Sweden where ever is a bit different than Bahamas, don't you think that?!?
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