Comment to 'Interested in getting a CO'
  • [blockquote] Are humidity levels the same? And what makes your dogs "working dogs"?[/blockquote] Can you explane to me what your first sentence means? Sorry, but I did not understand it. As you propably know, the english language is my second language. My C.O. are working dogs because they are working as LGD, not working like dobermannn and GSD with IPO etc. I have sheep that live outdoor the whole year, and my C.O. are taking care of them and protect them against wolves and bears. Last summer they were also working as LGD for 100 cowes at a very big fenced are that were 300000sc. meeters. My sheep live in the forest from May to November together with my C.O. That's why I claim that my C.O. are working dogs. please tell me if you need further informations. :) They also protect my property and my other animals.
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