Comment to 'Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) '
  • Few months have passed since the trouble started. Lower calcium food seems to work. Also No bones in the diet. Started feeding a bit more again because he was actually losing weight while he should be growing. Slowly giving him some more excersise also because i am worried aboud his muscle development. He still limps a littlebit from time to time , although not consistent like before. I spoke to a lot of people about the issue and i get the feeling it is gonna take a lot of time for him to ''grow out of it'' .

    Oppinion of the vet on glucosamin is that it is of no use in this case because it is not a joint problem but a growth problem in the middle of the bones. Any opinions on that?

    Other than that he is doing great. Big teddybear most of the time. Dont come near his foodbowl when eating or risk loosing a few fingers. Obeys commands no problem when he feels like it. Very social behaviour to both k9 and human up til now. Some normal hirarchy issues with the rest of my pack ( total of 7 ) nothing that doesnt work itself out so far. 

    Ill check in later, thanks! 

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