Comment to 'Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) '
  • Thank you.  

    The specialists suspect kidney dysplasia from young age.  The radiologist with 20 years of experience had never seen this in a young dog like this.  When hé got very sick last week and acted like hé was in pain we took him for xrayes to see if there was an obstruction in the intestines.  Then we operated on him to try to find the cause.  The anastetics and surgery have probably pushed him over the final edge from bad to worse.  But without it it would not have made another half year of difference.  Hé was already very sick.  

    Looking back on his year with us a lot seems to make sense.  What i first put under "must be the breed " since i didnt have experience with co now i can relate to him not being completely healthy.  

    Maybe there was a lot of signs we missed.  If we could have seen it at all.  You dont suspect this in such a young strong dog.  

    Signs we missed or didnt think anything of; Always pee in larger volume than my cane corso's ,  Not standing on back legs (hé Just wouldnt/couldnt do it) , getting up from lying down not quite like a young dog should, i always thought his weight should be a bit more, teeth not perfectly White, hè was calm and steady but maybe a little to calm. 

    I write all this to maybe help someone take notice in little things that are "off " in your dog.  When in doubt get bloodwork done as soon as you can.  


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