Comment to 'CAO Puppy Assessment'
  • She is 50% American Bulldog, 25% Catahoula, 25% Black Mouth Cur.  I did only 2 sessions with her and she did good in defense. That said, due to her weak nerves, I did not want to pursue too much training with the fear that she will develop to much defense based on fear.  Right now, she displays aggression towards weird acting homeless or people that just act strange, but I am pretty sure she would not engage. 

    Just to tell you how unpredictable she is.  Two weeks ago at my in-laws house in the Palm Springs desert, some weirdo rang the door bell at 4:00 AM in the morning asking if he could charge his cell phone in our house.  Hahaha, welcome to the desert.  At that moment, my dog was sleeping right by the door and she didn't even bark. :(   On the other hand, I spoke with the the people that own her brother, and he is a beast of a protection dog.  Not all dogs are born equal and even breeds that are meant to be protection breeds don't always produce puppies that will do the job.  In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the experienced breeder to be able to differentiate which are the pet quality puppies, which are the guard quality puppies and which are the protection quality puppies.

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