Comment to 'CAO Puppy Assessment'
  • Very nice; thank you for sharing; very impressive dog you have; well done. We actually had a chat on Facebook recently. Unfortunately, the overall cost including shipping makes it very difficult.

    As I plan to relocate to Turkey in future, and Russia is closer to Turkey, I tried to ask Olga Sukhacheva about whether she is still breeding the same, or similar, bloodlines to her foundation stock in the 1990s. She replied but I couldn't really understand her reply due to language barrier it seems.

    I had a chat with Daniel Nash who recommended Patrik Nemeth in Hungry. I couldn't friend Patrick on Facebook as he reached 5000 followers. I looked up his dogs. I tend to prefer the mountain strain of Central Asian Shepherds.

    I visited the first CAO breeder in Turkey, Haktan Cevik, during our stay there. I was very impressed by the superb condition of his kennels; nicely designed, roomy and exceptionally clean. As I am not familiar with the bloodlines he has, when time comes, I will be seeking help from experienced breeders like yourself and Daniel before I get my next pup(s).

    I plan to wait until I get settled in Turkey before I get another puppy; so there is plenty of time for more research.

    Thanks once again; any feedback and comments about what I said are much appreciated. I learn from you so please be generous with your replies :)

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