Comment to 'Swedish Kennel Club Enforces Rules on Neapolitan Mastiff'
  • .Now in Sweden we go to the show and hope that the doctor will lett oss in. For he is standing outside the big door.In Sweden you not go to the ring and judge- you go to the door and the doctor-----This is The OverTyped and Unhealsy Mastino from Malmö Show in SWEDEN---HE is also HD-Free and 87 kg 2cac... This dog where not the only whan that not come in[br][link={e_FILE}public/1238438568_17124_FT62527_calle20.jpg][img:width=400&height=297]{e_FILE}public/1238438568_17124_FT62527_calle20_.jpg">[/link][br]
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