Comment to 'Swedish Kennel Club Enforces Rules on Neapolitan Mastiff'
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    About the breeds in F.C.I Group 2
    This group contains several heavy breeds of Mollosoïd type, but also herding dogs from mountainous districts. It is of utmost importance that they are not overweight and that they have sound, strong constitution in order to function properly and to be able to move without visible effort or pain.

    Narrow fronts, bent front legs and weak pasterns or cow-hocked hind legs are incorrect for any breed.
    Some of the Mollosoïd breeds have excessive, loose skin which must never be
    exaggerated and allowed to cause discomfort to the dog. A dog’s skin must be healthy without any sign of discomfort.
    Heavy breathing, excessively heavy head carried low and dogs giving off large amounts of saliva when breathing are incorrect. This applies to both small and large breeds.
    Breeds which require Urgent Attention

    Neapolitan Mastiff
    (Mastino Napoletano)
    The conformation and skin of this breed cause serious health problems if exaggerated.
    Existing faults in this breed are:
    • inflammation of the skin and eye problems caused by folds of loose skin which is also too excessive; also loose eye rims.
    • incorrect movement caused by incorrect bone construction and poor overall conformation.
    Particular attention must therefore be paid to healthy skin and sound eyes, but also to movement. Dogs with entropion or ectropion, skin problems and unsound movement must not be awarded prizes. (emphasis added by me)
    Dogs with the required typical cat-like, agile, somewhat slow movement with good drive from sound hindquarters and proper reach in front, should be rated very highly.

    Note: The Bulldog (probalby English Bulldog) and the Sharpei are also in this category. [/html]
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