Comment to 'Swedish Kennel Club Enforces Rules on Neapolitan Mastiff'
  • TBH if its a weight reason then the breed will never be at shows in Sweden again. At least males. Almost all i have seen are well over what the std says. Females are either at the limit or slightly over. My own female was always about 60 kilos her sister the same, now her weight has increased recently since her litter and i would guess about 65 kilos which for females is over the weight limit. Her brother however is 97 kilos and not an ounce of fat on his frame. far over the limit. They all remain well within height limits. In fact Gary actually commented on him as to one he liked over on UGM last week(a mahogany male. All three are healthy and strong correct mastino temperemnts mate naturally and have open eyes, wide muzzles, just the correct length of dewlap and no excess of wrinkle. No cowhocking or splayed feet and strong rears. So if they were to be assessed on weight they would bever get anything.
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