Comment to 'American Bully'
Comment to American Bully
  • I didn't have a decoy come out and try to attack me to see if he can do the job I have always wanted to do that, like just have a guy in a full suit break into the yard, and see what they would do. i know they bark their ass off on the otherside of the fence but if someone came in would they actually bite, or just jump around and bark? a friend of mine has 2 dogs, 1 is a xl bully, and the other is an apbt. I dont know exactly what breeds are in them as they were both strays that he found. anyways, he has never taught them any protection work etc. and the dogs are only about a yr old. some one broke into his yard and both dogs attacked, he heard some noise went outside, yelled at his dogs to stop and the man ran off.
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