Comment to 'Pups to Dogs'
Comment to Pups to Dogs
  • [quote1303232159=acamper] [quote1303224034=NicciC] [quote1303213647=acamper] Thanks, how much does he weigh now? [/quote1303213647] He weighed in at 47.6 kilo's about 6/7 weeks ago, I would say he's gained since then - seems to be going through a funny stage at the moment where he appears to be all leg :) [/quote1303224034] WOW, at a year? I thought the leg stage was at like 6-8 months. Help me with the kilo's I'm an English teacher not a math teacher, LOL, in pounds. [/quote1303232159] He's roughly just over 100 lbs I think if my maths is correct, my own AB (now passed) went through a very similar stage, as did my DDB'S & Bullmastiffs. They seem to go through what I call 'ugly' stages where they don't look quite right, he's still got quite a little growing to do, as they usually don't stop maturing until around 2/3 years old. :)
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